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Delivered to your Door

For scheduled deliveries and larger orders such as whole cakes or tarts,

For immediate delivery of anything from
bread, sweets, savouries, salads or fresh juices:


You can now order from us via Deliveroo, for delivery within 1.6 miles of our Upper Street location.
Delivery is generally under 20 minutes.

To go directly to Deliveroo's website, please click here.

Local Delivery via Deliveroo

via Quiqup

You can now order delivery from us via the Quiqup website or app, in either the Detox or Takeaway sections.

Quiqup is an on-demand pickup service that hand-delivers anything n London, in 40 minutes or less.

Let Quiqup pickup from us, next time you can’t visit in person.

To download the Quiqup app:

Local Delivery via Deliveroo

Get Quick Quote

For scheduled deliveries and larger orders, such as whole cakes, tarts, etc. 
we recommend Gophr, London's first Living Wage courier.

Click below to get a Quick Quote:


To download the Gophr app:


Book a Courier

Once you have placed your order, please go ahead and Book a Courier:


1. Enter Pickup Address: "Romeo's Sugar Free Bakery" will appear in the list as you type
or simply enter post code "N1 1RG."
2.Enter Delivery Address: type your address or post code.
3.Choose: which mode of transport you'd like. (See note below)*

4. Book a Courier: Once you've signed in to Gophr (it takes but a single click),
you can book the delivery directly. 

5. Share: Please remember to share the link with us, so we know when to expect them.
You can simply email the link to:


*Note: For fragile items such as whole cakes or tarts, we only recommend delivery by car or van.
Items delivered by any other means, e.g. by bike or scooter, are done so entirely at your own risk. 
Items such as Pizza, Salads, Bread, and Brownies, however, all tend to hold up just fine on a bike (motorized or not).


To download the Gophr app: