What do we mean by Sugar Free?

We never use any refined sugar, honey, dates, fruit juice or syrups (such as agave and maple) to sweeten any of our products. It's worth noting that we do use natural sweeteners in our baking. This includes Organic Coconut blossom sugar, which is harvested from the coconut palm flower known for its delicious nectar. Unlike refined sugar, it has a low glycemic index (35) and is also low in fructose. It contains essential vitamins and amino acids. We use it for this reason as well as other desirable properties including the presence of antioxidants and the dietary fiber inulin.

Our whole ethos is that food should be enjoyed and savored by all. This is why we have lovingly created innovative Cakes, Brownies, Cheesecakes, Tarts and Cookies (to name a few) which are completely refined sugar free.

Why do you not use honey, dates or agave syrup?

Despite being tauted as healthy alternatives, a lot of 'sugar free' products tend to include honey, agave syrup and/or dates. These sweeteners, albeit unrefined, are extremely high in fructose and are metabolised by the liver, much in the same way as alcohol. Therefore we are adamant that you will never find honey, dates or syrups (including agave) in any of our products.

What do you use to sweeten your delicious cakes?

We use a variety of natural sweeteners in our products. Lacuma and Stevia are both sweeteners native to South America and allow us to bake delicious products without the presence of sugar, whilst also maintaining a low GI count. Lacuma has the added benefit of containing beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, and is a great source of plant vitamin A for vegans and vegetarians. Also contained in this exotic fruit is Iron, Zinc, Calcium and protein. Stevia is an excellent natural sugar replacement. Containing zero sugars and zero calories, the addition of Stevia to products as a sugar substitute allows us to enjoy them without being concerned about a change in blood glucose. This makes them ideal for diabetics and those who are looking to reduce their sugar intake generally. You'll also find a variety of fruit in our baking which gives natural sweetness. In addition, we use Organic Coconut blossom sugar. Unlike refined sugar, it has a low glycemic index (35) and is also low in fructose. It contains essential vitamins and amino acids. We use it for this reason as well as other desirable properties including the presence of antioxidants and the dietary fiber inulin.

What about Gluten Free? What flours do you use?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. The biggest sources of gluten in the diet are usually bread, pasta, cereals, flour, cakes, pizza, and biscuits. We believe these same products can be enjoyed without gluten. Which is why we do not use any ingredients that contain gluten in our bakery. We use only non-wheat, Organic Gluten Free flours from Shipton Mill, such as Brown Rice and Buckwheat. We also use Organic Coconut flour, Almond flour, and ground Organic Linseed as a flour replacement, which are all naturally gluten free.

Please note: whilst we only work with suppliers that have strict procedures in place (e.g. Shipton Mill process their flours on dedicated gluten free mills), these suppliers can often not guarantee that cross-contamination may occur in the packing or transport process. The strict certification of gluten free requires that a product be batch-tested to ensure less than 20 parts of gluten per million parts (otherwise known as <20ppm). As a small bakery, it is difficult for us to batch test every single product we receive from our suppliers, so like them we can not guarantee their precise gluten levels. The bottom line is: there are absolutely No Gluten Containing Ingredients in anything we make. As our products are NOT batch-tested, they are suitable for people avoiding gluten but not necessarily certified for people with Coeliac disease.

Are any of your products Dairy Free?

Yes! We cater to your dietary needs and understand that many customers choose a Dairy Free diet as well as those avoiding dairy due to intolerance. We offer Dairy Free options for most of our products, including our Brownies, Cheesecakes, Sponge Cakes, Salads and Quiches. You can use the search function on the website to find all of our Dairy Free options. Additionally each Dairy Free product will have the Dairy Free symbol on the product page.

Are any of your products Vegan?

Absolutely! As the Vegan community continues to grow so does our product range. We currently offer Vegan Quiches, Salads, Cheesecakes, Sponge Cakes and our Vegan Ginger Cake. Worth a particular shout out are our famously moist Vegan Brownies, a favourite! You can use the search function on the website to find all of our Vegan options. Additionally each Vegan product will have a V symbol on the product page.

Are any of your products Organic?

Yes! We use only Organic and Locally-Sourced ingredients to every extent possible. These include all of our flours, dairy, fruit and vegetables - as well as our seeds, nuts and Coconut products. We firmly believe using Organic ingredients will enable a healthier, more sustainable world as fewer harmful pesticides are dumped into our bodies and environments. If you have any questions regarding what specific ingredients are Organic, you can find this information highlighted with an asterisk in the ingredients section of each product.

Are your products safe for Diabetics?

All of our products are refined sugar free making them suitable for diabetics on a reduced sugar diet. In addition we offer low carbohydrate and low glycemic index (GI) value Breads and goods in which we use Linseed and other flours in replacement for wheat flour. If you are concerned about symptoms or the development of type 2 diabetes please visit your GP. Visit Diabetes UK website to read more about diet and diabetes. All dietary information provided by Diabetes UK is evidence-based.

I'm on a low-carb diet, are your products suitable for me?

Yes! This is a question we get time and time again. Our Bread is baked with Linseed which lowers the carbohydrate value and increases the fibre. We also use low-carbohydrate value flours like Coconut and Almond flour in many of our cakes. We are continuously reformulating our recipies to lower the carbohydrate and glycemic index (GI) value in response to our customers needs.

What if I have specific food allergies?

We are acutely aware that some of our customers have allergies to specific foods. This is why we take care to highlight the presence of allergens on the ingredients section of each of our products in bold. The 14 major allergens are defined as: cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, molluscs, eggs, fish, peanuts, nuts, soybeans, milk, celery, mustard, sesame, lupin and sulphur dioxide.

Whilst we try to keep information as up-to-date as possible, suppliers and manufacturers do change their sourcing on occasion and don't always tell us! And whereas we only source from suppliers with strict rules and cross-contamination procedures in place, we cannot guarantee their goods have not been exposed to allergens in the packaging or transport prior to arrival at our doorstep.

If you have questions, or are concerned about the potential presence of an allergen in a specific product, don't hesiate to Contact us

What are your most popular cakes?

Our Blueberry Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Banoffee Pie, Vegan Ginger Cake and our Brownies keep our regulars coming back for more!

Do you cater for events?

We do! As long as we have enough notice we can cater for any event that requires a Free From touch. Just email us with your requirements and event details and we will get back to you.

I'm getting married, can I order a wedding cake?

Yes! We have lots of Wedding Cake requests. We specialise in 'Naked Cakes' rather than the traditional ones you'll find voered in sugarry icing. Contact us with your request and we'll arrange a meeting.

Do you offer delivery?

Absolutely. We have partnered with Deliveroo for local delivery, within 1.6 miles from our Upper Street location.

For larger orders such as whole cakes, tarts, or quiches - as well as for orders scheduled in advance, Gophr is a courier service we have had good experience with. In order to get a Quick Quote to your desired delivery address, click here

To know more about the delivery services we offer, please click here.

Just so you know, we never charge more for delivery nor see a penny of this cost. In fact, we generally make significanlty less on the transaction, due to the fees the couriers take. We feel it's worth the convenience. As long as our customers are happy, so are we.

Do I need to Book my own Courier? If so, how do I do it?

We tend to believe people should spend the most time doing what their best at - and we're definitely best (and happiest) in the bakery, not answering phones and scheduling couriers. At the same time, we want it to be as easy as possible for our customers to get whatever their heart desires. That's why we recommend third-party companies for delivery, as they've got it down pat.

For scheduled deliveries and large orders such as whole cakes, tarts, or quiches we kindly ask that you get a QUICK QUOTE to your desired delivery address and then BOOK A COURIER. Please be sure and SHARE the confirmation with us once you do, so we know when to expect them.

You will find more information, along with instructions on how to Book a Courier here.

*Note: For fragile items such as whole cakes or tarts, we only recommend delivery by car or van. Items delivered by any other means, e.g. by bike or scooter, are done so entirely at your own risk. Items such as Pizza, Salads, Bread, and Brownies, however, all tend to hold up just fine on a bike (motorized or not).

Do you offer shipping outside of London?

As all of our products are baked fresh daily and most have a 2-3 day shelf life, we currently focus on delivery within London. However, we can definitely ship things such as Bread, Cookies and Brownies by post to nearly anywhere in the UK. Please send us a request prior to placing your order, for more info. Thank you

Why does it ask for my Shipping Address when checking out?

For a couple of reasons: First of all, we require your address for billing purposes, so please provide the Billing Address associated with your card in the Shipping area and then simply click "Same as Shipping' when it requests your Billing Address.

If you require delivery to a different address, however, please put the delivery address in the Shipping field. Once you've placed your order, you can go ahead and BOOK A COURIER. We will then use the Shipping Address provided to verify the order when the courier arrives. Thanks!

Do you sell your products Wholesale?

Yes! Wholesale is a very big - and growing - part of our business. We see wholesale as an excellent opportunity for our products to reach a greater audience and help fulfill the demand of our customers. Kindly submit an enquiry to our Wholesale Team and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Any other questions?

Please feel free to Contact us. We'll do our best to get back to you in a timely fashion. For urgent requests, please call.